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During my travels newspaper columns were published weekly in the Dutch daily newspaper
Dutch newspaper Spits

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media about


July 15, 2003: Host/journalist Erin Collins from Calgary interviewed me for CBC Radio. His report was broadcast on CBC Calgary and a shorter version was aired nationwide on CBC's World Report. You can download both reports as MP3-files:
cbc-calgary-jul15-03.mp3 (5.2MB) and cbc-worldreport-jul15-03.mp3 (2.9MB) . Contact me if you have difficulties playing the files.

July 8, 2003: CBC Radio Saskatchewan: Interviewed on Morning Edition

July 4, 2003: Hot103 FM in Winnipeg: Guest on the Breakfast Show with Frankie Hollywood & Jojo in the Morning

July edition: TopSante The Dutch edition of this European women's health magazine featured stories from three famous Dutch travellers last month. One is famous for her television show, the second for his website and the third... I don't know her yet...

June 25, 2003: Newstalk 1010 CFRB (Toronto): On the air with "Randy Taylor" on CFRB

June 10, 2003: The National Post: "Globetrotter relies on strangers" Contacts made online: Dutchman touring the world, without spending a dime

May 22, 2003: FYI London (Ontario Newspaper, Canada): "Drifter just wants to stay for a day"

May 20, 2003: Dutch young ladies magazine VIVA: "Profession: World Travel Writer" (scan)

April 26, 2003:
The Toronto Star:
"Global travel as a 'freeloader'"

April 12, 2003: Het Financieele Dagblad (latest English Edition ever): "Going Dutch means not paying at all"

April 11, 2003 Lucy van Oldenbarneveld interviewed me for CBC Radio One's "Ottowa Morning"

April 11, 2003 Peter Anthony Holder invited me as a guest on the Holder Overnight radio show on CJAD 800 AM in Montreal.

April 9, 2004 CBC TV in Ottowa featured a report by Paul Morisset about on "CANADA NOW" Click here to watch the entire video of the report.

March 23, 2003: Quesnel Observer, Canada:
"Globe-trotting traveller gets others to pay the bills"

March 19, 2003: 94X FM radio: "Wicked Website of the Day"

March 19, 2003: Free Press Community Newspaper (100 Mile House, BC, Canada): "Professional guest spends Cariboo time"

March 11, 2003: Each week Emma Dunseith joins John Bennett for a round up for what's new, interesting, entertaining or just plain bizarre on the world wide web, on BBC Radio Ulster's "Web Watch" in Northern Ireland: "Let Me Stay For A Day"

March 6, 2003: : Guest appearance on the Afternoon Show of CBC British Columbia Radio 1

February 28: The Whistler Question newspaper (Whistler-Pemberton, Canada): "World traveller visits Whistler, for free"

February 28, 2003: Canadian Television CTV, guest appearance on "Vicki Gebereau Live"

February 22, 2003: Today I was interviewed live on Weekend Morning & Noon News on Global Television in British Columbia (BCTV)

February 12, 2003: Dutch AVRO Television: Guest appearance on "Gezondheidsplein" ('Healthsquare'). Soon available to view online.
Backstage photos.

February 11, 2003: Daily Dutch national newspaper Spits: "Heel de wereld wil Ramon in huis" ('The whole world wants Ramon at home')

January 25, 2003: Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant: "Portefeuille Ramon" (Ramon about money)

January 25, 2003: Guest on Business News Radio Netherlands

January 22, 2003: Dutch Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool: "Gratis de wereld rond; iedereen kent Ramon" ('Around the world for free; everybody knows Ramon')

January 13, 2003: The hosts Stan & Henry on the breakfastshow of 98.3 CIFM in the Canadian town Kamloop had a chat with me. I still wonder if they understand what I am doing. :-)

January 11, 2003: CJAD Radio (Montreal, Canada): Peter Anthony Holden spoke with me live on "Holden Overnight". He announced my coming arrival to Canada on air.

September 12, 2002: Apeldoornse Courant (Dutch newspaper): "Hackers kraken internetsite Zwolse reiziger" (Hackers hack website Zwollish traveller) about the server hack that occured in September.

July 25, 2002: The Examiner (local Tasmanian newspaper), scan:

July 8, 2002: GWN-News (lokal Australian television) reports about how Western Australian police helped me out after I got almost arrested for hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere.

July 1, 2002:
Ekstrabladet (Denmark newspaper): "Hvor skal jeg sove i nat?"

June 21, 2002: Iinet (Australian Internet Service Provider: "Site of the Day"

May 30:
Houston Chronicle (Texas, USA): "Dutchman uses cyberspace to find free places to stay" (link outdated)

May 17: Mackay local newspaper (Australia): "Dutchman makes free call on Mackay" (scan)

May 17: AME (Germany) : "Ein Jahr danach: "Let me stay for a day" hat funktioniert!" ("One year later ... it works!")

May 2: Omaha World Herald (Omaha/Nebraska, USA): "Your chance to download a freeloader"  (link outdated)

April 30: STERN (German magazine): "Eine Nacht Mit Ramon" (paper scan, in German)

April 27: La repubblica (Italian newspaper): "Giro Il Mondo Con Lo Sponsor" ("Around the world on the sponsors").

April 25: (German newspaper): "Virtuelle Weltreise" (Virtual Worldtravelling)

April 21: KataWeb Network (Italy): "Grazie a Internet intorno al mondo"

April 21: Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia): "Travelling the world on the very cheap is one man's goal". (link outdated)

April 18: Sunshine Coast Daily (Australia): "He's the world's biggest freeloader"

April 16:
The Australian, national newspaper of Australia: "Webfreeloader travels the world" (link outdated)

April 15:
Seattle Times (USA): "Man finds host of help freeloading around globe"

April 14: The Boston Globe (USA): "He travels for free, courtesy of cyberspace"

April 14: The Indianapolis Star (USA): "Dutch traveler uses his Web site to see the world - for free" (link outdated)

April 9: My Orange Country (MOC), South California, USA: "Freeloader's guide to the galaxy " (link outdated)

April 9: San Francisco Examiner (USA): "Freeloading Dutchman makes good use of Web"

April 8: The Miami Herald (Florida, USA): "No money, no problem for hitchhiking Web celeb"

April 7: The Register Guard (Oregon, USA): "See the world for $35 a year". "Cyberspace puts the planet on a platter for freeloading backpacker"

April 7: Minneapolis Star Tribune (USA): "Dutchman uses cyberspace to find free places to stay". "It shows, even after Sept. 11, that people don't need to be scared. There are so many good people out there," Ramon says. (weblink outdated)

April 7: Denver Post (USA): "Dutch traveler a free spirit ". "Website's links good as cash"  (weblink outdated)

April 3: The Dutch journalism union magazine De Journalist published a short story about titled: 'Snowballfight', basically about how my project is snowballing in the media (awaiting digital scan).

April 2: The Dutch illustrated magazine Panorama published a story about me: 'Thanks to the Internet around the world - for free!'
See scans of the original article: spread 1 (175kb) + spread 2 (244).

April 1, 2002: AT&T Worldnet Service: "FREELOADING HITCHHIKER: Dutchman uses cyberspace to find free places to stay" (link outdated)

April 1, 2002: Pathfinder portal (Greece): "Website of the Week". να μείνω μία ημέρα στο σπίτι σας;

April 1, 2002: Daily News, Tweed Valley, Australia: "'Freeloader' visits Tweed"

March 28:
German RTL Television: A news program has broadcast the original Channel 9 footage from Australia.

March 27: HR3, the German radio station in Hessischer, mentioned me as "'Der Gratisreisende'" (free traveller) on air.

March 27: Tiscali Actualiteiten (The Netherlands): "Web Site of the Day"

March 27 - ABC Radio Mid-North Coast interviewed by Briony Petch about my stays in Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour, Australia.

March 21 - NewFM Newcastle radio, Australia: guest in the Breakfastshow with The Fatboys. "Who's going to help Ramon to get to his next hosting place?"

March 19+20 - SeaFM Central Coast radio, Australia: guest in the Breakfastshow with Paddy and Sarah.

March 17, 2002 - South China Morning Post. Published on cover of Sunday Magazine. Never received copy of article.

March 11: The Courier Mail, Queensland (Australia): "A Night On The Net".
'Stoppelenburg travels around using the power of his thumb and the kindness of his hosts' (text of the article opens in a new window).

March 11: Australian television Channel 9 in A Current Affair: "The Professional Freeloader"

March 1: Zwolse Courant (local Dutch newspaper): "TV-opnamen wereldreiziger"   (TV-filming world traveller, about the Australian televisionprogramme A Current Affair visiting Ramon at home)

February 27, 2002: Zwolse Courant (local Dutch newspaper): "Columbus of the Internet packs it again", about my oncoming departure to Australia.

Thursday February 21, 2002: Terra Informática (Brazil): "Caroneiro da Web, agora apaixonado, volta à estrada"   or read the English translation by Google.

February 14, 2002: Interviewed live on John & Ross' breakfast show on Radio 4BC (Brisbane, Australia).

Februari 11, 2002: TF1 (France Television): "Voyager autrement grâce au Web" (link outdated)

Februari 11, 2002:
Le Monde (France): "Le coup d'Internet magique" (link outdated)

Januari 12, 2002: Zwolse Courant (Dutch local newspaper): "Worldtravelling as a profession"

Januari 9, 2002: HogeSchoolKrant (HSK), university newspaper in Zwolle:"Verliefde Ramon terug in Zwolle" (Back in Zwolle: Ramon In Love); scan

Januari 3, 2002: Zwolse Courant (local Dutch newspaper): "Zwolse wereldreiziger wordt 'Web-personality'" (Zwollish worldtraveler becomes web-personality of the Year)

December 29, 2001: The Guardian (UK): "Net Personality of the Year"

December 24, 2001: Web Personality of the Year

December 22, 2001: El Clarin (Argentina): "Un holandés da la vuelta al mundo gratis" (translation by Google)

December 20, 2001: El Pais (national Spanish newspaper): "Un holandés da la vuelta al mundo invitado por internautas de 67 países" and 'No quiero ir a un país en guerra' (subscriptions link only)

December 15, 2001:"Worldwide Freeloader Wants To Stay At Your House"

December 10, 2001: E-Tales, Computerworld, New Zealand: "Online room and board"

December 8, 2001: Interviewed by Arthur Black (listen in RealAudio) from Basic Black on Canadian CBC Radio 1 while I was in Genubi, South Africa. Arthur also invited me to stay on his magic island off the west coast of Canada.

December 5, 2001: Yahoo's Ongoing Travelogues: Choosen as Most Popular Travelogue

November 28, 2001: Daily Mirror (UK): "Have Website, Will Travel..."

November 27, 2001: "Student's free world trip could last five years"

November 17, 2001: The Daily Dispatch (Eastern Cape, South Africa): "A crazy Dutch hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"

November 13, 2001: "Around the world in 800 days - for free"

October 13, 2001:  The Citizen (Johannesburg, South Africa):  
"The whole world, it seems, wants to take Ramon home. "

big time gap here, I couldn't refresh this page for a while

Friday April 27: I had an interview with the Dutch urban radio station Q The Beat.

Friday April 27: The Norwegian website ABC wrote about me as 'Den ultimate gratispassasjer!' ('The Ultimate Free Traveller').

Friday April 27: The Belgian site wrote a nice little piece about this website in Dutch on their travelpages, called 'Inviteer een wereldreiziger bij u thuis' (Invite a worldtraveler in your house')

Friday April 27: The Belgian startingportal Squirrel awarded LetMeStayForADay as the Topsite of The Week!

Thursday April 26: The weekly section Netlife on the website of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph in the UK had Richard Longhurst writing about me in 'Student looking for hospitality'
"Do you dare add your name to the list?"

Wednesday April 25: The weekly e-zine of the Belgian wrote 'Wie wil een Nederlander in huis?' ('Who wants to have a Dutchman in the house?)

Monday April 23: One of the most important newspapers in Argentina, Clarin, wrote "La vuelta al mundo gratis con los recursos de la Web" which means 'Around the world for free thanks to the internet'.

Sunday April 22: The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong paid attention to this project. It is published into the Tech-news by Steven Lewis on

Wednesday April 18: SMOEL, the only independent local studentmagazine in the Netherlands (also on, asked me to write my story and have it published as sort of my bid farewell to the editorial group. They called it "Geniaal, simpel en persoonlijk: de internethype voor deze zomer" ('Genious, simple and personal: the internethype for this summer').

Wednesday April 18: The local newspaper of the Dutch city Utrecht (NL), the Utrechts Nieuwsblad, published "Wereldreis voor een habbekrats" ('Worldtrip for the merest trifle').

Tuesday April 17: One of the big Dutch tv-guides, Veronica, published a short clipping about my website called "Gratis Reizen" ('Free Travelling!').

Monday April 16: Today I was invited in the daily RTL4-television program "RTL Live" for a five minutes interview by Minoesh Jorissen.

Monday April 16: De Journalist, the Dutch professional journal for journalists, published "Gezocht: slaapplaatsen wereldwijd" ('Wanted: worldwide sleeping-accomodation') in their weekly magazine.

Sunday April 15: The Catalan webportal LaMalla.Net situated in the Spanish Barcelona wrote the article "Convides en Ramon a casa teva?" ('Do you invite Ramon at your home?').

Friday April 13: The German radiostation and website spoke and wrote about me on their section of Websites Of The Week: "Entschuldigung, darf ich bei Ihnen wohnen?", which means 'Excuse me, can I live with you?'.

Thursday April 12: The American journalist Whitney Matheson wrote about in her column on USATODAY.Com's Hip Clicks. 

Thursday April 12: The Spanish nationwide newspaper El Mundo published "Sólo un día" ['Only One Day'] in their Internetsection 'La Lista de Ariadn@'.

Sunday April 8: Radio-host Steve Wright awarded me with being the Website of the Day on his show on BBC2, which resulted in receiving over 30 invitations from the United Kingdom in one day!

Saturday April 7: The German magazine Telepolis wrote about this project as the 'Romantic Worldwidewander-project of Ramon Stoppelenburg' in their article "Spaziergang zwischen Virtualien und Realien" (Walking between Virtuality and Reality).

Thursday April 5: The Windesheim University newspaper HSK published 'Wereld ligt aan voeten van Ramon' ('World is at Ramons' feet') on their front page. Click here to see the scan.

Thursday April 5: The Dutch Financial and Economic weekly magazine FEM De Week printed this story '' ('') about my project. Click here to see the scan.

Thursday April 5: The German newspaper Financial Times Deutschland wrote about my 'Virtuelles Schnorren'.

Thursday April 5: The local Zwolle newspaper the Zwolse Courant published their second story about me on almost half a page: 'Zwolse student overstelpt met gratis overnachtingadressen' ('Zwollish student overwhelmed by free places to crash'). Click here to see the scan of the article (almost 1MB).

Wednesday April 4: The Canadian newspaper La Presse wrote about my adventure in French (Québec): 'Un gîte pour la nuit, s'il vous plaît' as well in print as online.

Wednesday April 4: The Brittish newspaper The Independent published LetMeStayForADay.Com in their section 'Great Links from the WWW'.

Wednesday April 4: The creators of the great content-site wrote about me in their section Cherrypeople 'King Of The Road' and asked me their famous 'Ten Questions - The Cherrymagic Interview'.
[this site is for consenting adults only]

Monday April 2: 
Flavio from Italy was so kind to send me the scan of the article as it appeared in the free Italian newspaper Leggo on March 20.

Monday April 2: The Dutch local newspaper of Arnhem, the Arnhemse Courant wrote 'Zwolse student wil wereldreis voor een prikkie regelen via internet' (Zwollish student wants to arrange worldtrip for less than a dime')

Monday April 2: The French reported 'Un internaute qui s'invite chez vous'  ('An webuser invites himself on your premises').

Monday April 2: The Brazilian website wrote 'Viajando pera Internet' ('Traveling with the Net').

Monday April 2: The Yugoslavian newspaper reported 'Put oko sveta uz malu pomoć prijatelja sa Interneta'

Saturday March 31: The German computer-newssite encouraged a lot of Germans to invite me over with 'Ist noch ein Zimmer frei?' ('Is there a room over?')

Thursday March 29: Marta Centenara enjoyed writing '¿Le invitas a tu casa?' ('Would you invite him in your house?') for the Spanish news-site En.Red.Ando.

Thursday March 29: I was one of the guest on the Dutch televisionprogram "Heb Ik Dat?" ("What happened with me?") on RTL4. 

Wednesday March 28: One of the leading newspapers in Southern Americas Chile, La Tercera, published about my project: 'Viajero holandés solicita alojamiento a través de la red' as well in print as on their website with a pretty long article! In English the headline means 'Dutch traveller asks for lodging through the network'

Wednesday March 28: This night an interview with me is broadcast on the Dutch tv-channel RTL5 in the newsprogram "5 In Het Land"

Wednesday March 28: This is very much fun to read! wrote an article on their website. Do you understand this writing?

Wednesday March 28: Today I was interviewed on the Dutch radiostation Colorful Radio in the program HighFiveLive.

Wednesday March 28: The Idian search-engine RediffSearch published online 'All Ramon Stoppelenburg wants to do is see the world, at your expenses'.

Tuesday March 27: The Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf wrote 'Student na internetactie in hele wereld welkom', which means in English 'Student welcome in whole world after internetaction'. English translation coming soon. Or read the scan of the paper-article.

Tuesday March 27: The French wrote 'Ramon passe du cybersquattage au squattage réel des internautes' in French. Yoann wrote me the translation: 'Ramon lived on Internet, he is henceforth going to live at the Internet user's'.

Tuesday March 27: Tom noticed me on a publication in the New Zealand Herald newspaper, where LetMeStayForADay was one of the daily hotlinks!

Tuesday March 27: The Danish Ingeniø published "Giv ung mand logi via nettet ". English translation is welcome!

Monday March 26: The Dutch internetjournalist Marie-Claire van den Berg spoke about me on the Dutch Radio 1 in the program Radio Online and linked me as Link of the Day on the site of, a Dutch young women magazine.

Monday March 26: The Cechian newssite published 'Cesta kolem sveta zdarma diky internetu', which means... I don't know...

Monday March 26: Italy called in with writing 'Ramon, il primo viaggiatore Internet' which means in English 'Ramon, the first Internet traveller'.

Sunday March 25: And there was this which wrote "ההזדמנות שלך לקיים מצוות הכנסת אורחים!"
It's Hebrew and says "Your chance to make the deed of welcoming guests"

Sunday March 25:, an Austrian website, wrote the story "Ein Student aus den Niederlanden schnorrt sich um den Globus", which also means in English... Well, here is the translation.

Sunday March 25: LetMeStayForADay was choosen as one of the Picks Of The Week on

Saturday March 24: This site was mentioned in "Cyber Lunch" on Classic Hits, online at New Zealands' NetguideWeb

Saturday March 24: Yahoo's Daily News took the ABCNews-article also online as "Cyber-Begging Bags Man In World Wide Bed".

Saturday March 24: Frontpage news on
"Cyber-Begging for a World Wide Bed"
"He wanted to see the world, but lacked the financial resources. That was until he decided to beg on the web. Now a young Dutch student who launched a Web site asking for a shelter finds the world isn't big enough to handle all his invites."

Saturday March 24: The Brittish webmagazine The Register ('biting the hand that feeds IT') was the first to publish an article with some criticism: "Go get yourself a proper job and be miserable and parochial like the rest of us"; however very ironic! Read "Student uses Web to score free world tour" by Kieren McCarthy

Friday March 23: The BBC London had a just over 90 seconds talk with me, broadcasted just before the 7 O'clock News on "BBC Five Live"
Click on the realaudio-logo to listen to the interview. 

Friday March 23: The Belgium newspaper published "Devine qui vient manger ce soir?" (from French "Can I Stay For Dinner Tonight?").

Friday March 23: comes up with "A Dutch student has set up a round the world trip for free after begging on the Internet" in their travel-section. PS: I am not the person on the photograph!

Friday March 23: Neil Major reported on the latest-news-section of about me with "World Wide Welcome for Dutch traveller". Thank you!

Friday March 23: The French newspaper Libération published about me in print, you can read the article "Ramon s'invite dans le monde" in French on their website.

Friday March 23: The London Mirror has interviewed me for days last week and the article has been published in todays issue of page 27. "THE WORLD WIDE BED": "A CHEEKY student has set up a round-the-world trip for free after going begging on the internet" written by Jonathan Stones. The link isn't valid anymore, so I'll put the scan of the newspaper online when it comes in... 
Correction: I was born in Leiden, but I live in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Friday March 23: The Dutch student-site Studenten Online took the story on their news-page and placed the banner on top of their homepage!

Friday March 23: This deejay called BamBam on the Brittish radiostation KissFM seems to talk about me all the time! He/She has even invited me to come over when I depart.

Thursday March 22: On the Regular Guys Morning Show of the populair radiostation 96Rock in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, has awarded me with the name "Eric's F&%ked Up Website Of The Week". Well thank you!

Thursday March 22: Messages in my mailbox told me that this website was a subject on the Australian radiostation TTFM.

Thursday March 22: The Turkisch newspaper Hürriyet published "Bedava dünya turu için
web sitesi açtı
Any translation into English is welcome!

Thursday March 22: The French LesNews.Net wrote "Devine qui vient dormir ce soir?" Would you know?

Wednesday March 21: Studio Brussel, a very popular radiostation located in Belgium, had an nice chat with me on air at 10.30 pm CET.

Wednesday March 21: This messages doesn't really belong here, but the webmaster of told me he placed a link on his frontpage! Thanx!

Wednesday March 21: ZIPfm, located in Japan, recorded an interview with me at 5 am Japanes time. It will be on air today and I'll place the mp3-file here soon.

Wednesday March 21: On CNET-radio, located in San Francisco, California, USA, Brian Cooley had a 'live' interview with me on the Morning Show.

Tuesday March 20: The French published a posting about me saying "Devine qui vient dîner ce soir?" which means "Guess who comes to dinner this evening?".

Wednesday March 21: "Let Me Stay" is the headline on the Brittisch website .Net Magazine. 

Wednesday March 21: The following websites paid attention to me on their website in a for me unknown language:

Wednesday March 21: The French website wrote a little piece on their website about this LetMeStayForADay-project. You can see the image here or read the English translation.

Tuesday March 20: My local home-to-home newspaper Sassenpoorter placed me on the cover and called me the "Jules Verne of the 21st Century"! Click here to see the scan of the clipping. 

Tuesday March 20: In Russian my names is written like 'Рамон Стоппеленбург', that's all I can understand from this publication on "Голландский студент идет по миру". Translation is welcome!

Tuesday March 20: The Germans have found me! "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis der Netizens" wrote the, what means "Hitchhiking through the galaxy of the Netizens". Read the article in German on their website or read the English translation.

Tuesday March 20: "Brother, can you spare me a bed", that's how UKPlus reported about LetMeStay. "So far he has plenty of invites in his native Holland and in North America, but only one each in Britain (Cambridge)".

Monday March 19: Today I was choosen as the Stupid Website Of The Day!!! "Yeah, baby! My first award! I would like to thank..."

Monday March 19: Greece's is coming in with "Μουσαφίρης... με το ζόρι!". Another one I don't understand myself, but if the Greek do, it's fine with me!

Monday March 19: Stephen noticed me first on publications about me and my project on page 7 of the London Metro and Erin finally sent the article by mail: read it here.

Monday March 19: The charming virtual interetmedia-hostess Ananova spoke about me online. The article "Penniless traveller's website asks for free board" can be read on her website.

Monday March 19: The writes about "Dutch student ask for free travel accommodation"

Monday March 19: The puts "Internet Provides Novel Approach To Travel" in their E-commerce for the Travel Industry Forum.

Monday March 19: The Hungarian media-site publishes in the Internet-section about "Ingyen út a világ körül egy honlap segítségével" another case of 'I don't know what is says but I think I know what it is about...'

Monday March 19: The Russian Federation is calling in with an article on the Russian technews-site "Вокруг света можно объехать бесплатно" A translation into English is very welcome!

Monday March 19: Eric La Rouche publishes his opinion in French on a website of the Canadian Planet Québec. "J'avoue que j'aime cette idée!" Read his piece in English.

Monday March 19: The Hungarian newssite wrote about my "Dotnet-turizmus"
A translation into English is very welcome!

Sunday March 18: Eliav from Tel-Aviv noticed me on the publication on the website of Adcanet, an Israeli newspaper, it's in HEBREW! and that's when my browser says: "íìåòá ìåéè....". 
Furtunately Eliav included the English translation.

Sunday March 18: The Internet Monitor (, which I think is Croatian wrote "Kako proputovati svijet praznog džepa uz pomoć weba?" which means in English 'How to travel around the world with empty pockets with the help of web?' Lada from Croatia translated this text in English.

Saturday March 17: The Italian newssite picked up the story too: "Il viaggio di Ramon, Gratis grazie alla Rete ". Read the article on their website.

Saturday March 17: Leander Kahney from had an interview with me and spoke als with and my parents (ooh..). 
"You don't have to be rich to travel the world. All you need is a website, the will to ask strangers for a bed for the night and the wanderlust to go, go, go."
Read the full story on

Friday March 16: I got three minutes time to tell my story on the Dutch pop-radiochannel Radio 3FM. The audiofile will be published here next week. You have to do it with these pix.

Wednesday March 14: The Brazilian internetmagazine Revista2K ( had a very personal interview with me by. Read the original story in Portugese on their website or read the translation into English (well, I tried to translate it...).

Wednesday March 14: One of the Dutch cable-providers SoneraPlaza writes about Click here to read the article in Dutch or read the English translation.

Wednesday March 14: The local city newspaper Zwolse Courant published this article on March 14. Click here for a bigger scan of the article (in Dutch) or read the article on their website or read the translation in English.

Tuesday March 13: the Dutch broadcastorganisation BNN invited me for an interview on their radioshow "United", broadcasted on the Dutch national newschannel RADIO1. 

Day of Launch website
Monday March 12:
The Dutch newssite on March 12 wrote the first article. Click here to read the English translation.